The European Physical Society (EPS) introduces the new Applied Nuclear Physics (ANP) conference promoted by the EPS Nuclear Physics Division.

The ANP conference will provide an open forum for scientists and engineers working in the wide field of nuclear applications with particular emphasis on energy, health, space, environment, material science, preservation and cultural heritage. This is a unique opportunity for scientists from these different communities to exchange views and foster synergies to find new ways and horizons to the challenges in their field.

Moreover, the ANP conference will offer an overview of the current state-of-the-art to young researchers and students, via numerous lectures presented by the leading scientists in a broad range of nuclear physics applications.

We are pleased to announce that the Applied Nuclear Physics conference (ANP) will be held on September 13–18, 2020 in Prague (Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University), Czech Republic. We open conference with plenary talk given by Sylvie Leray (CEA, Saclay, France)  devoted to highlights in nuclear physics applications.

2020 IBA-Europhysics Prize for Applied Nuclear Science and Nuclear Methods in Medicine

The IBA-Europhysics Prize is sponsored by the company IBA Group. It was first offered in 2004 and thereafter every two-three year. Awarding ceremony of the IBA prize will be undertaken by representatives of Nuclear Physics Division EPS in the frame of ANP conference in Prague. One of the IBA prize winners Prof. Marco Durante will present plenary talk.

ANPC Best Poster Award is sponsored by   Physics-Logo-FINAL-200px.png


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